The best way to exchange data for Goods Transportation!
Decentralized platform
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Key Points

Digital in Transportation and logistics simplified


A platform that belongs to its users, not centralized like Uber or Google. Thanks to #blockchain.
We developed decentralized Applications dedicated to transportation & logistics

Your data is private

Data privacy is important to us. eoApps platform never has access to YOUR data.

Quick & Simple

Imagine that you can share you data in minutes, two click away, instead of months like in classical EDI exchange


Our Applications for transportation & logistics


Handling Unit


Order Management

Data network

Logistics & transportation


Our timeline.

  • 2017


    Everything came from here when we saw that it was complicated to exchange data in transports & logistics

  • March 2018

    The first App : pallet management - eoPal

    Presented on SITL 2018, the first app on eoApps platform for pallet management. First use of blockchain

  • July 2018

    2nd App : Order Management

    Improvement use of the blockchain. New use case for order management

  • December 2018

    Phase Two : Generic data exchange in Transport & logistics

    Exchange data in minutes instead of months and still own your data

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Our amazing team

Experts for best product.

Remi Mélisson

Remi Mélisson


Lives in Paris, France

Remi is an awesome CTO with heaps of experience in the field of Development and Artifical Intelligence.

Jérôme Laurens

Jérôme Laurens


Lives in Paris, France

Jerome is a serial entrepreneur. He has built several companies that developed digital application for Industry & loved by their users.

IT, Digital and business experts, all together.

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